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November 30, 2005



I wish I could crochet!!


Tracy, love the new blog! So glad to see you back and sharing artistic tidbits with us all.


Way too cute! And I am having problems with a poncho I am trying to knit...I think it will be a couch blanket! Grin So crochet is out for me!


Tracy, I love your cute slippers and I so admire ANYONE who can make something out of yarn! I am a complete doof at crocheting, and I have made many people CRY trying to teach me how to knit.

However, I was seduced by the great new yarns I've been seeing, so I am now diligently trying to make myself a scarf. I may shout for help soon.


I totaly agree - chrocheting is so easy and super fun. I'm gonna try to make these:
this winter! :-)

Love this new blog, will come back!

Lelainia (Faith)

LOVE the purpley blue ones! THey look really snuggly!

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