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January 23, 2006


William Rush

Hello again Amanda Blake:

I am realtively new to the computer world regarding Art so don't know if my prior message came through to you.

Have really enjoyed touring your artwork and thought you might like to see artwork of the Amanda Blake loved by so many fans of the long-running CBS series 'Gunsmoke'.

To see a new Memorial Portrait of Amanda Blake as "Miss Kitty" go to Art Gallery 9:

Although our techniques are glaringly different - THAT is what makes Art so interesting!

I will answer you or any fans of Amanda's who contact me via the CONTACT THE ARTIST Form provided in the last art gallery.

Keep up the unique work,
Warmest regards,
William Rush, Artist


this is a very very lovely piece which i loved at first sight!!!!
is there any information about this painting please??


congratulations amanda blake!!!
this is a lovely piece!!! so i loved it at first sight!!!!
is there any information about this one please??


congratulations amanda blake!!
it's a lovely piece!!!!! i loved especially this one at first sight. is there any information about this picture????


I have one of her paintings! I got to meet her at an art show when I still lived in the States. I agree that she is truly inspiring.

amanda blake

you're too sweet, thanks.

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