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Jun 08, 2004


How do you do it? Ya don't. You make a list of priorities. Anything NOT on that list, you let go of. In the process of griving in the last four months, I have discovered that the world does not come to a screetching halt if the house does not get vaccumed. Also, it helps to enlist your kids. They live there too and sharing the responsibilities of looking after their home makes them feel like they are contributing to the family. (It also teaches them things they will need to know how to do when they grow up and leave home.) There are no super mums-June Cleaver was a work of fiction. She also did not work outside the home and my guess is that if she did, she would have been on prozac. So cut yourself some slack! Sometimes you need to be a human BEING not a human DOING. So says I! (And venting is a perfectly acceptable thing to do-it's either that or explode!)
bitch all you need to, tracy.... you know that it will all get better! love ya ... laurie

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