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Jun 30, 2004


faith...AMEN to that! tracy...stay close to that sacred circle,girl!
I am quite a bit older than you and 2 years ago I finally got on the medication that has helped me with my own personal "blame myself" thoughts. I think artists are plagued by our differences ... we think about everything more and we feel alone at times. You are in a part of the population with many fellow artists who share your oddities, even if you seldom connect personally with many who will admit it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I've been lurking around your blog and I just love your work and I live in Canby and look forward to meeting you at Artfest just as you looked forward to meeting Lynn Whipple. Your work is incredible and you dont need to remember my name. (I have been trying to get the idea to catch on that everyone in the world should wear name tags ... ha!) Good luck in all you do. Be your own best friend. Love, what's-her-name *smile*
Althought I have only known you a short time, I love lots of things about you. You are funny, amazingly honest, have a generous spirit, kind, creative, you work hard...Sometimes people are so quick to make judgements without really taking the time to get to know someone. I think it's important to have what I refer to as a sacred circle around you. These are the people who love and accept you unconditionally, whom you can trust with your spirit. These are the people that love you BECAUSE of your flaws, not in spite of them. You can have lots of friends and aquaintances, but this core group of people are the ones that really "see" you. The people who bash you for being who you are missing the gift of YOU. To be totally honest, when I read this I so wanted to grab you and say "STOP apologising for everything!!!" Your life is not one great big apology. You have a God-given right to be exactly who you are. So you're not "perfect", who is? You do the best you can every day with what you've got and that is all anyone can ask of you. Really! There is a freedom that comes when you let go of all the expectations that other people put on you. I hope that you will continue to work towards it. ((hugs)) *hopping off my soap box now*

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