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Jun 29, 2004


jeani weenie
Oh my gosh! I think we might be siamese twins and parted at some point. Of course since the memory is so bad, couldn't say when. There are so many similarities, I can't believe it. I will just share a couple things that might boost your spirits as far as the ADD, ex's, etc. I spent my life with people, (mostly family, teachers, and my male counterpart/s) asking me, "Why do you ALWAYS wait for the last minute to get things done? I of course, would apologize, feeling shame, guilt, low self esteem and wonder why I couldn't do it like "normal" people. Now that I am 52, I am much less disgusted or shameful about me being who I am and am pleased that I recognize that I must have that boundary of time, so I CAN and do finish it by the last minute. It simply works. I am glad that I am eccentric in other details as well. I hate math, I don't get it. I just recently figured out why. (I have accepted the fact for years now that it is not a great subject for me), however, I realize that it is because I am creative and math is absolute. No room for change, improvement, or with dazzling colors or shine. Thank God! I know what I like. I did one of the jokers in your first deck. I am just getting familiar with all the stuff that I had allowed myself to use years ago to make bizarre art. I am so grateful to now have the pleasure of being in some elete (sp?) club that is so much like me. I love the fact that I can add color to the world and break chains. It is what I have been put here for, to love my family (24 yr old son Chris and nearing 22 year old daughter Brooke) and friends, (my dogs, Lily and Anthirium-boy flower-Anthy for short) and to do what things are my passions and passing them on. Oh, and by the way, My name is Jeani. My childrens dad and I got divorced when my kids were 8 and 6. We have always sat together at all our kids sporting events when they were in elementary, jr high, and high school. I introduced my ex to his fiance' "Jean". They have been together for 9 years now. She and I have laughed and said if he ever calls her the wrong name, we'll both kill him! ;)~ Anyhow, I appreciate your vulnerability and for putting it out there for the world to see. I have HUGE respect and admiration for you and HOW MUCH YOU ACTUALLY DO! My house has boxes, drawers, paper, paper, paper, gee gaws, etc everywhere. My boyfriend (whom I have been with for almost 3 years, is a great wife though. He is also 18 yrs younger than me. He loves my dogs and drives home every lunch to take them potty and throw the ball. He cooks, grinds starbucks beans every morning then brews it, cleans often, and talks too much about politics. ok, so not everything is perfect!.I say, About the senior thing, I remember thinking 40 was ancient when I was 17 or 18. It is all relative. I doubt you would listen to her about any other feedback and take it much too heart. Trust that the mirror you look in is accurate and the woman we see on your site. You are beautiful and look great! I am learning to see my wrinkles as timelines and learning curves. Wow, I must be filled with wisdom! lol I treasure my uniqueness and sometimes go back to wishing I could be "normal". Personally, thinking my house SHOULD be like a model home, we should look good, thin, like the models on the magazines, is crap. It is a bunch of old ideas that are ancient history. Perhaps those people are a bit shallow and anal. OCD perhaps. Well, I guess as long as we put this stuff out there for other women, it'll give them permission to be who they are and to be ok with it. Well missy, thanks for the opportunity to chat and I think I'll go in the kitchen now and graze! I'll start that diet again on Monday ha! Have a great weekend! Peace ;^D jeaniweenie
Tracy, after reading today's post and seeing the photo of you with your daughter I just wanted to comment on the "Senior Discount: remark... All I can figure is that there must be an awful lot of plastic surgery in Portland for someone to even think you could be close to being a senior, or it is just a question they ask everyone. You have a perfectly lovely, young and happy face. I really like your artwork. You are an inspiration.

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