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Jul 01, 2004


Norma Kooi
Hi Trace, Just finished reading about the event. Keep your head high and take care of you. The book mentioned by Jeanette sounds fab. I might buy it myself. I like to think of myself with positive thoughs, thinking the best of people, giving them the benefit of the doubt. But I do know [most of the time] when to say no and have no regrets. You need to do what is best for YOU. Stay away from the negative, stress the positive. I love you and I'm there for you always, Your supporting friend, Norma
tracy, ditto to the remarks above. it takes a lot of courage to make changes in our lives. you were a good role model for your children. i support you all the way. OO's
Hmm...someone who throws a hissy when you say no to her after having said yes a million times? Sounds like perhaps this person wants more from you than she has a right to ask. I think you were absolutely right to want to keep that deck info to yourself. If she is reasonably intelligent, she can get off her tush and help herself. I also think you are right to love people when they are at their worst cause that's when they need it the most. But loving them does not require you to cave to their demands, just to appease them. So stay strong and keep standing up for yourself. Sometimes it takes people awhile to adjust to the changes you make to yourself. ((hugs & support))
Jeanette Janson
Hey Tracy! I've gotta tell you about a book that changed my life. It is Don Miguel Ruiz's 'The Voice of Knowledge"- A practical Guide to Inner Peace. The book is about turning off that negative voice in your head that is always telling you that you are not- good enough, smart enough, pretty enough etc etc. We are our own worse critics. I am usually not into alot of self help stuff, but I stumbled across this book at Barnes & Nobles one day, bought it and it is just so amazing. Take care of yourself- Jeanette

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