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Jul 30, 2004


i don't get around to reading blogs in a timely manner, so i just found this entry. mine turned out to be "empress because-i-said-so" - love it! thanks tracy!
hi Empress Smiling Sun! So happy to have you! xox
Wee, I'm Empress Smiling Sun! I just found your blog Tracy and linked to ya. Love it.
Dearest Countess Lost in the Clouds, If I didn't have friends like you, I'd think I was the only person with no memory!! Sincerely yours, Viscountess Purrs Like a Kitten
Joy Logan
Countess Lost In The Clouds aka auntJOY4u2000 or auntJOY4u2002 (aka:BRAIN DEAD????)air head whatever...perfect yaya name for me lately,I used to be so organized and together...hahaha anyway love ya Tracy and everything you do...loved the ATC's love your creative mind...

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