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Aug 05, 2004


Judy, When I first was diagnosed, I called my mother and explained what I'd learned. She had always been way over the top with energy. She's an amazing woman and gets more done in a day than I get done in a week. I remember telling her last summer, on a visit with her that I'd give anything just to have one tenth of her energy...(she's 22 yrs older and can run circles around me), she looked at me and said, "Tracy, you don't want what I have. I can never turn it off...sometimes I think I'm crazy because I can never just sit down and relax...I go until I collapse." When I told her about the diagnosis I believe she was able for the first time to find a reason for her activity. Many women are never diagnosed because we're able to plug right along with schoolwork, etc and do well, despite the disorder. I read that two of the common factors among ADD people are their intelligence and their creativity. My Dr. told me that Einstein had ADD. We're in good company. oxox
Stacie Rife
Take it easy girlfriend! Don't be so hard on yourself either! YOU NEED a vacation, and I am so happy for you that you get one SOON! Luv ya!
You definately don't want to fall off that horse!! I did that last summer when we went to a dude ranch in Wyoming!!! We had a blast, but I got a little overexcited in a cow penning cempoetition, thinking I was a cowgirl, and boom! I landed on my head.....I still have a bump on the back of my head. Maybe that's what is wrong with me!! Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!
My gosh, you have described me exactly with the ADHD. The hyperactivity is just exhausting and I always catch myself bubbling all over people with less "up" than me. It makes me feel bizarre. Thank you so much for talking about this publicly. I think so many artists have this "disorder". Is that part of why we turn to making art? I dont know. I just know that treatment helps if you need it. (it runs in families) Judy

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