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Sep 21, 2004


Being past menopause I suppose I can give you a little help. But if I were you I'd go online and search for some answer's, then go to the Dr. if this keep's up. If you have any questions email them to me, I don't know if I can help or not but I will be glad to give it a try. Or you could be one crazy lady. LOL I do know one thing for sure, you don't need to feel this way and the fact that you do gives me some concern.
Tracy girl. I am sooooo sorry you are struggling. I wish I was closer and I could help. There are SOOOOOOOOOOO many people in your support system who love you dearly. Never forget that, and never forget you are a wonderful individual who has a heart of gold. We all go through times like this, and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Take things as they come, and the next day is a brand new day! I love ya! Stac
Sounds like how I get during PMS time, things that ordinarily wouldn't bother me bother me TREMENDOUSLY! Ugh. BTW love the art with this journal entry! :^)
Hi Tracy. For what it's worth, I have found that my emotions stabilized following actual menopause. (I think you are too young to be thinking it is that.) It makes me wonder if it isnt the flood of hormones (like estrogen) that made me sooo emotional. I used to cry every single day; even TV commercials would set me off. It was just silly. Now I cannot remember the last time I cried. I must say, it is a great relief to leave that behind. Judy

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