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Sep 28, 2004


Just curious as to how things are for you now. I stumbled on this as I was looking up ideas for a Father Daughter banquet. It's been 5 years.
Kelly Feraro
Tracy, I am sitting here in tears after reading this entry. How brave you are to be so open. I have recently (at 38) been diagnosed with ADD. I struggled so hard as I was growing up. I too was a "pain in the ass". This diagnosis has really helped me put so much of my life into perspective. I sometimes wish I could have known this about myself 25 years ago. I am not dwelling though, because I am happy with who I am and where I am in the world today. I wish I could give you a big hug and say "Thank you so much for your willingness to share. I feel less alone in the world right now." Kelly Feraro
Hi Tracy I found it very touching to read this post. I think that moms sometimes suffer from the martyr syndrome, and at times, I feel, it's best to care for one's self first. Perhaps you could suggest for your husband and daughter to go through counseling together? I know how rough it must be to mediate everything, as I sometimes find myself in similar situations. It's incredibly difficult to watch two people you love be at odds with each other. Thinking of you! Hope things brighten a bit.
Tracy, you show amazing courage sharing these things. I hope it helps you to heal and grow in the ways you need to. Take care of yourself first so you can care for others. Hugs!! Heather
Tracy, what a difficult facet of life to have been dealt and to share with us. I hope you can find the strength to push you through with all important things intact. I think it is wonderful how much your relationship with your dad has grown, and it might be a good seed that will help your hubby and your daughter push through too. Take good care!
Tracy, saw your stuff via Rubber-Sol, then also GnomeG... it is sooo cute! I love your links page, too...very cute and inspiring...

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