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Sep 09, 2004


Wow, I think I have finally found my husbands twin seperated at birth! Nah, just joshin', but I totally relate. My husband is supportive, but often upon showing him my work, he either says, "What's it for?", "mmm-hmm" without looking up, or "Can you make money with it?" The main question though,is did it make you feel good to make it? Are YOU happy with it? That's what counts, deario. I love your art and truly appreciate you sharing it with us. On days I don't have time to create, I can get a fix from Tracy and it's keeps me going.
One of my favorite quotes is this: "Be true to that which exsists nowhere but within yourself." I find the purest reason for creating art, is to make something that pleases ME. If I try to create with someone else in mind, I usually don't like what I've made. If I make it for my own amusement, I usually love it and others do too. I think there is a huge difference between creating for yourself and creating for an audience. With making something to please others comes a whole raft of stresses and expectations that we heap on ourselves. When we create for ourselves, it is freer, more honest and joyful. I prefer to only make art for me. I have tried both and I truely dislike trying to please others. So much of our lives is based on peer approval and this is one area where I can really be ME. I think it is my duty to myself to be very protective of maintaining this and working to express my unique thoughts, ideas and spirit. I have noticed some of my most favorite altered artists really do have a distinct style and I love that I can see that in their work. It tells me who they are. They may create and explore new things-new techniques, materials, mediums, but the core of their work stays true. I guess it boils down to recognizing our own worth as artists and not devaluing what we bring forth. It also helps to have a community of artist friends who can give us feedback in a way that supports and nutures us, because let's face it, while we create for ourselves, it is always encouraging to hear that someone else "gets it" too. There was a commercial on in Canada during the Olympics that was about a mother talking about her son who is a diver. She talked about his competitions and how after he competed she would ask him (she is French Canadian, so I am writing it as she said it) "Are you happy with you? And if he say yes, then it's okay with me." The end result was not what was most important-it was the feeling he got from what he did. I think that about sums it up-are you happy with you? If you say yes, then it's okay with me! *hops down off her soap box and deposits her 2c worth*
I, for one, "get" your art, you are my idol, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ***ALL*** your work! I'm sure there are plenty others like me! I've seen tons of websites and books on collage art and always come back to your site to see what updates you've posted. Now I may be just one person but I hope that gave you at least a *little* warm and fuzzy!!!! :^) Suzanne in Albany

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