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Sep 05, 2004


Hi Tracy, I heard the worst story about a woman who had her 6 y/o daughter starting her first day of school and had taken her 2 y/o son with her. the terrorists were letting people with young children leave and she was carrying her little boy and had her little girl by the hand and was told by the terrorists to choose to leave with her boy or stay and all be killed. she chose to leave and her daughter. luckily the daughter made it out alive...but now the demons they both have to live with...how awful and I can't get it off my mind. thanks to the woman 'Faith' for her info on the world day of prayer... great art and great info...thanks, Roze
Hi Tracy, The world day of prayer is September 9th, 2004, in case you are interested. You can request prayers for anyone you want by going to http://www.worlddayofprayer.org Just thought you might like to know. Hugs, Faith

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