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Sep 27, 2004


and i found your site via Giao above! i totally know what you mean. i need to delete the bitchy ones too. why is it so eay to just go along with them because they ask? well, no more! thanks for your post, you inspired me to do some bitchy people spring cleaning. :) tania
Hello! I found your site via the comments at Rubber-Sol and I am so struck by the gorgeousness of your work! You are fabulous, and un-nice folks deserve whatever shakes are put their way. Good for you!
Well sweetie, if I lived closer, I would drive right on over and give you a hug-not to fix you but to let you know I have been there a time or two myself. I think the bottom line is that it serves no one, least of all you to allow someone to treat you in a manner that is beneath you. It's not that you are being mean by letting people know that is unacceptable. When you tell someone "Wait a minute, this is not okay!" you are showing them that you have self respect. People who are worthy of you will always (and I mean always) treat you with love and kindness. They never intentionally do things to hurt you or bring you down. Not to say they will be perfect, but the spirit in which they engage with you will be respectful. I call my close group of friend my "sacred circle" and that's how I really look at it. I have consciously invited those people to be in my inner circle. I think it's great that you are looking at who is present in your life. It's a good thing, not a bad one. It means you are really taking care of YOU and you certainly don't need to apologise for that. You go girl!! Life is too short to be walking on eggshells-I would rather dance! xox Faith (the opinionated one!)
well little miss know it all...I appreciate the comment... the little nice girl people pleaser in me is still nudging me, but you know, I can be nice girl to nice people... and I will just delete the un nice ones. smooches and hugs,
Cheers to you for removing the links of the negative energy people. I never work with people who do not uplift me. It is a rule that has filled my life with the most wonderful people in the world. When people treat you badly, do not "get over it". They will treat you badly again. Your insticts are entirely correct. Sez me, little miss know it all. Smiles, Judy
Hi Tracy Thanks for stopping by my site, and am I EVER glad that I stopped by yours. This is SUCH an inspirational site (and well as your gallery!). I've recently started making digital collages (I've made 2 or 3), and I sense that I'm on the verge of becoming addicted (really!) I like the no mess, no glue factor of these guys. I will DEFINITELY be back to browse around again. Your gallery is STUNNING. :) Thanks for sharing.

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