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Oct 26, 2004


So pleased that your evening went well. I bet it was alot of fun and I *so* wish I could have been there. BTW-check your email-I sent you something! Hugs, Faith
Oh Tracy! Oh how I've missed you!!! So glad you're back. Love the new layout, btw! And congrats on the "evening" -- so wished I coulda been there! Glad it went well!
I relate! I've done those "an evening with..." things, too, and I hate them! Love going to them, hate being demo queen! I'm a people pleaser, too, though...your husband is right about under promise and over deliver. I tell myself the same thing daily, and I know I've disappointed a few clients that way, but I've been way happier with myself in the long run. And your collection is precious. I love the way you have it displayed.

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