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Oct 05, 2004


The "GIRLS" look incredible!!!!! Now where can I place MY bid????? :)Stac
Trac, THANK YOU SOOOO much for spending some time w/me. You have the busiest schedule out of anyone I know, but still you make me feel so welcome and loved. I just adore the hell out of ya! PLEASE take a little breather, and take some time FOR YOURSELF. YOU NEED IT! I am glad to hear that you and Kem are going to spend some time together. Jeff enjoyed every minute of golf,(even though Kem kicked the #$%^@$ out of him in golf.. --don't ever tell him I posted this) :) he is looking forward to you guys coming to Seattle to play in the near future! Thanks again Trac! Your a doll. Anytime you're up for Centralia I'm there! :)Stac
well thank you ladies...let me tell you..around here, everyone's a critic..."You've got to changed those eyes...that one's possessed! I wouldn't LIVE with THAT in my house!" arrgghh!
Love the eyes.....great job on the eyes! So glad you could take a breather w/ your friend -- sometimes that is so necessary! :)
I actually DO know which artist you were talking about... Just love your girls. That is gorgeous.(sighs jealously) Really love your web page and the pink/yellow theme is so bright and cheery (and usually hard to pull off well, but you did it WELL).

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