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Oct 09, 2004


Sandy McClain
Hello there... this is your Aunt Sandra, I loved your column on Mother. There are so many stories about her that I'll always remember. I was with her today. I took off from work to take her to Sweetwater. Last year, she fell in the K-Mart parking lot and your Aunt Patsy had to take her to the Emergency room to be treated. K-Mart never took care of the bill, so Mother has been receiving bills from the hospital all this time. She finally got tired of it and picked up the phone and called the Attorney General. Needless to say, she heard from K-Mart. They sent two forms to her; one with her name at the top and the other with the hospital's name. The total money amount was what was owed to the hospital. I don't think I convinced her that even if K-Mart sent two checks, both would have to go to the hospital. She still thinks part of it should go to her. We'll have to wait and see. I know you're busy, but drop me a line sometime. I'd love to hear from you. Love, Aunt Sandra
I love your granny!! I grew up in Arizona and she reminds me of home; especially the aquanet, the cigarette, the enormous do. Your observations about her are very much the exact things that tell us so much about her life and character. You make me want to go and list 10 things about my granny.
I love these fun tidbits about your granny! They tell such a great story!
oh that is just great!!! :) she sounds fab. xo t
It's funny b/c as I was reading through the list, I was thinking, "I bet she wears Aqua Net!" Ha ha! Also I just bought Cloth, Paper, Scissors -- and as I was browsing through it, I saw your letter to the mag! How cool is that?

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