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Dec 07, 2004


You are braver than I am. I sent my daughter to the salon for her brows. And happily paid for it. She had perfect brows. I was not responsible for any pain or problems. We were both happy and she looked gorgeous. PS I have small, thin brows naturally, so this has never been an issue for me.
my 12 year old daughter lets me use the sally hanson cold wax strips. you just cut them the shape of the brow, stick 'em down and yank 'em off. takes about 5 minutes. lord help the mothers of jr.high daughters
Oh my goodness! Well all I can say is spring for a salon tratement. I think eyebrows are about $12 and it only takes about 10 minutes. I have done it and it's virtually painless. Glad to hear you're catching up! It's so lonesome without you!!

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