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Dec 30, 2004


Hey sweets! :) Congrats on the article! I guess I have to run out and get the newest copy of the mag -- i'm loving it already! :) I've been away for three weeks, and I have TONS o' blog reading to catch up on.....
Joy Logan
Tracy I don't recall seeing one of your atc's in the new book Artist Trading Cards...I consider you one of my first swaps and experiences with atc's...yoour cards are fantastic and unmentioned...correct me if I am wrong but I looked at all the names...Yours are on my first page of my collection...Happy New Year I check here often...Joy
Oh my Gosh, how cool, I bought that magazine and love every single, filled to overflowing, inspiring page, your article included in that list "Missy". Today I bought the latest Legacy mag. from stampington and can't wait till bedtime, my most fav. time to just look over the pages while running my hands over the pics. Have an awesome new year's eve tracy.
Congrats on your article Tracy! I love this new mag-it has so much good technique info in it with minimal advertising. Yay for you!!

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