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Jan 20, 2005


Tracy, I'm sooooo glad we met. We had spent all those months on line, emailing back and forth, all the excitement of my first swap. I remember the first time you called me I was like "is this the real Tracy". And then the opportunity to vend at ArtUnraveled came along, you'd be vending, how could I say no. To make the meeting more eventful, the next day we went to the airport to pick up the sweetest kid [that's cause I'm old], standing at Terminal 4 with a big ole smile on her face, Stacie Rife. What a cutie! Just like doublemint gum - 2 in 1. I had the greatest weekend, making our "relationship" mean so much more. So ya thought I was a little ole gramma huh? Old [um, 54], little [5'3" unless my cousin is with me then I'm 5'2-1/2'], not chatty [shit, that couldn't have been me], frail [not a chance] and sweet, well, I'll take that. I will do my best to live up to your expectations, I'll always be there for you and do my best not to be judgemental and love you unconditionally. The only missing ingredient - we live on other sides of the country. One of my new year's resolutions is to hop on a plane and get to Oregon so I can get some antiquing in with you and Stacy in Centralia. I love you, Norma
Oh my gosh, so much loveliness I seemed to miss in the last day or so! Lucky you for having lovely lovely friends like Norma and Stacie! I'd love to do one of your swappy-do's...do you usually post them here, or are they by invite? I am so very impressed and inspired by the loveliness you've posted of late!!
Everyone NEEDS a NORMA in their life! She is ONE OF A KIND! :0)Stac
how on earth do you get anything done during the day?! i would just sit in my comfy chair and flip through that book all day long, lol. Thanks for taking the time to share all the pages with us.
I am so glad you have Norma in your life. Girl friends like her are more precious than anything we can buy! And they are so important keeping our sanity!
I have to agree. I love Norma's art. It is so quirky and unusual and very, very cool! I finally got one of her ATCs in a swap I hosted, and I just love it!

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