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Jan 21, 2005


Love the bathtub babies! And I have some carved figurines from Germany that are 'smokers'. You burn incense in them, and the smoke comes out of their mouths. Awesome. You should try the house to see how it works.
oh my so cute!! i love the babies! and i have never seen those houses, how clever, smoke coming out the chimney! you can bet now i will have my eyes open for both these things. :) i do have a cafe press shop, but only a mug with birdies on it, thanks for asking! maybe i will expand. have a great weekend! t
Ahh, so cute! Show your pics anytime, I love to see all the differant things you have and make. I have never said thank you for a wonderful and colorful blog, so that's what I want to correct right now. Thank You!!
I agree with your other commenters: I've never seen bathtub babies before! That is such a sweet collection to have! And!! The incense cottages. I love those. They truly are like little fairy houses. And I do love incense myself, so the little curls of smoke from them, oh, the thought is just supreme. =)
I'd love to see more of your treasures, the bathtub babies are adorable.
The bathtub babies are cute-I like the two sharing the bath. I had no idea there even was sucha thing to collect. How fun! I used to watch The Incurable Collector on A&E on Sundays but they stopped making it. :( It was so cool to see what epole collected.
Mimi K
thanks for showing! Those bathtub babies are the cutest- I've never seen anything like that before. I'll have to keep my eye out!

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