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Jan 24, 2005


He is cute but men are men...I am planning a finishing school for men one day...or a home for unwedded husbands...alot of good courses offered for them,sign him up now...diplomas are not guarenteed until the classes are passed.
He may be gross but he is cute, too...
~yuck~ ...this is to gross to read.
hahaha! that's so funny! my boyfriend once wouldnt let me leave for work until i dug a sliver out of HIS foot. men! :) gotta love 'em.
I agree, husbands are gross! BLech! The sitting part made me laugh-how can a toe make sitting hard? That I'd like to see!
Oh dearie me! That is hilarious that tightly tucked bedsheets can bring ingrowns on. Seriously! Hubby and I had this discussion last week (he travels a lot for work and complained about the extreme displeasure of his current hotel's bed-making procedures). I'm just going to have to pass him this post of yours. Best of luck in remedying your hubby's ingrown! He is a handsome, and perhaps brave?!

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