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Jan 10, 2005


It always manages to amaze me when I come so close to MEAN. What do they get out of it? There are MORE mean people than nice sometimes...but shake it off. You are a fabulous woman and artist. GAH. I would hate to think you wouldn't come out to play anymore! We just have to find a way of SCREENING the MEANNIES! I have only been in 3 swaps (I am new to all of this) and TERRIFIED of finding the mean ones! Which was one of the reasons I don't go whole hog with swaps! I seem to have a magnet on my back that says come find me and rain on my art parade! : ) Just gotta keep moving, growing, and enjoying the art anyway! Hang in there...we love you! Besides it screams about their personality, they are lackng not you! You are equiped with every thing you need including a really sweet heart!
oh i am sorry someone was mean!!! that ALWAYS throws me for a loop. i feel the same as you, why waste your time being mean when being nice is so much easier and life affirming?? yuck!!! i like what everyone said above. it is good to hear it! it's true!! xo t
Tracy, Just remember for every 1 mean one there are 1,000 nice ones! (and for the mean ones--not everyone is "perfect" like you)
I am so sorry to hear about the meanness behind your back! I agree that it's a control thing some people seem to have. Good for you for not getting sucked in to that . . . and for appreciating the way you are!
Wow, that is such a bummer to be on the receiving end of someone's snarking. I think it might be some naievte or something on my part, but I'm with you on thinking people generally are good and kind and sympathetic! Keep plugging away as you are, Tracy. You know what's what!
Plain and simple, I put this kind of nasty behaviour down to a completely different level of awareness. Unfortunately, some people should come with warning labels. Equally unfortunate, is that you had to be on the receiving end of this. Just know it says far more about the people who are treating you this way than it does about you. We must be very careful what kind of energy we put out into the world because eventually and inevitably, that energy comes back to find us. I prefer to take the high road and have blessings find me, don't you?! 'Nuff said! ((Tracy))

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