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Jan 11, 2005


Hello....4 kids? I'd say lucky to get dressed in the morning not to mention being able to juggle so many flamingly artistic projects =)
Here's a better way of putting it -- whenever I get super stressed, worried, anal, etc., my husband asks, "Is anyone gonna die?" "Well, no..." "Okay, then." Works like a charm!
When things like this happen, I find it helpful to step back and locate what REALLY matters. In this case, it would be Tsunami vs. late chunky book. That sort of reality check always helps refocus my world. I'm not involved with this swap -- I'm still a wallflower in this community -- but I have to say that I really, really appreciate your openness, honesty and talent, and I hope to have the pleasure of working with you one day!!!
Okay I'm all caught up now. And I'm so glad that you wrote that letter to everyone.....and it's nice that you added your own personal stories (i.e. you and your husband are different).....I can relate to that so much b/c my husband and I are POLAR opposites at times. I tend to get stuck on the details, order, and deadlines .. . while he's more laid back. We compliment each other well, and at times I wish I had more of his personality. And vice versa! Well done and said. Those artists must know that this project will be WELL worth the wait. It's difficult choreographing such a large project, and I'm positive that the outcome will be nothing short of dazzling!
the dog in the floofy collar just cracks me up!
Hi Tracy! Oh my gosh! I have A LOT o' reading to catch up on! I'm SO EXCITED about your posts..... got to go.....gonna read now! :)
I think your note was eloquent and firm and good all over. Yay for you for sticking up for yourself while still being NICE. =)
Tracy! Nicely said! And honey you HAVE guts to host a 150 artist swap in the first place, if it was me, the first week I would have passed out and hid in my bed and pretended I died! *grin* That is intimidating! I know for me, I am glad you are not "perfect" or a "Robot" because then I wouldn't find you so intreguing (sp?) or so much I can relate to...and give me hope that I can be like YOU!!! You sent a wonderful letter out into the group...and believe me, most people, except the meannie of course, would have really appreciated it! Be kind to yourself!
Tracy, you have always been open about your character and your faults with everyone, but we all still love you just the same. Therefore I believe if you know what a person is like and what their traits are and if you don't like one of these factors don't participate. If not, if something isn't going how you expected ask the person kindly if there may be a problem, they could be having personal difficulties ciao joan
I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant and kindness from the unkind." -- Kahlil Gibran All of us can say "thank you" to this person who felt the need to create this drama-it afforded us all a lesson in tolerance and kindness this week and hopefully we are all better for it. Tracy, you are loved. If so, what else matters? ((hugs)) Faith

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