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Feb 11, 2005


I'm taking my DH to SF for his bday too! :) It's a surprise. :) We're going the last weekend of April though. Have fun! :D
I live in SF!!! maybe we could have coffee or something!!!
I need to be running out the door to work with the new training group at the crisis line but in light of this post, I will dutifully pop over to your collage sheet page and make a quick order. I want a Pin!! I have a thing for them (I collect them!)and I've got them all hooked into the ceiling, which is fabric-like in my car. (Art on the go I say!)
I HATE the fact that I am going to miss this event. Honestly if I had it my way I would quit my job over missing it, but unfortunately it's my livelyhood. Just crappy timing for a new job I guess. :( I'm sorry my friend. I promise I will make it up to you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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