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Feb 09, 2005


Stacie Rife
How I have always LONGED for something like this.... a special "neighborhood" friendship ring! Althought I live in a lovely neighborhood lined with blossoming cherry trees...I have a rental on one side that is (or was-they just moved out) filled with pesky teenagers, and the new neighbors in the beatiful colonial on the other side are yuppie wanna-be's with a young child that replicates dennis the menace to a tee! Consider yourself truly blessed. Trac,, I LOVE your new button designs! They are PERFECT!!! HUGS AND KISSES, Stacie (Gosh i miss you!)
Tracy, your neighborhood sounds wonderful, so connected, something I think many women crave from their women friends (connectedness), I guess that's why we blog huh. Have a wonderful afternoon and take along a kleenex box, [you'll need it].
You are so lucky to have great women neighbors and not desperate housewives!

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