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Feb 10, 2005


Sheesh Tracy, the "stalker" is still at it over a page and $10?? Holy cats!! Get a life I say!! My guess is that when face to face with you she will be a big old chicken! You will be cared for so don't worry and try to laugh off the fact that this person obviously doesn't have anything important enough to do other than harrass you. HUgs! Heather PS, how about that Young at Art book with your daughter?? HUH???
ATTENTION NASTY STALKER: Here is 25C. Buy yourself a life. Thank you.
She's still at it is she? Having had a stalker once, I can attest that it's no fun. The only real advice I can offer is that as long as you stay in the company of friends, it should be okay. That way, should any trouble get started (and chances are she is too big of a coward to attempt it in person) you will have several witnesses. That will hopefully allow the powers that be to eject her from the rest of the event, post haste. I am sure that your friends will be happy to support you in making sure you are surrounded by people who love you all weekend. The bottom line is that this kind of behaviour has nothing to do with you-the problem is entirely hers. Poor thing-she gets pleasure out of bullying others. That's pathetic.

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