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Mar 12, 2005


Patty O'Rourke
hi, Tracy! so glad to see you're "back among us." I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of being overwhelmed, and then everything shuts down for awhile. "down for maintenance" is how I refer to myself during those times. there is an interesting theory about how women create - that the idea, the inspiration, the figuring out "how" is secondary to actually completing the project. men are more concerned about finishing something, getting something accomplished. (must be a hunter/gatherer thing...) that's why women (creative women) always seem to have fourteen different projects going at once! anyway, just wanted to say hi, and take it one thing at a time, until it's done, then on to the next...
Tracy! I am LOVING that shrine! And cut yourself some slack...you know you are just like the rest of us artists, some times I hide too! It just gets overwhelming! So take a nice long bath with soft music playing and wonderful candles and sit and soak your sadness away. It is a new day and an opportunity for another adventure.

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