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Apr 06, 2005


hey YOU--lovely art you made at Artfest! It was so cool meeting you and Stacie both. I hope you feel better soon, I came home w/ the "crud" too :( take care xoxo Carla N.
Just stumbled onto your website and worked my way over to your journal. I wanted to email you but wasn't sure which email to use from your main website (list one or the Art 4 a Cure one?). I am impressed and inspired by your work and your site(s). I am in just those first tentative baby steps of altered art and you've given my creative energies a much needed boost. Wish I could have gone to Artfest (it have been just a few hours drive for me!) but registration sold out so fast. Maybe next time - thanks for sharing your thoughts on the experience. (PS I knew I had to say "hi" when I saw the cat - I inherited a little orphaned kitty I named Murphy, too, and except for his blue eyes, he looks like yours!)
neat neat neat! your doggy is so sweet. like my cats! they follow me all over - except if they are sleeping ofcourse. :)
Welcome back, Tracy! Look at you, making such fabulous art even when you're sick! Very interesting pieces, so inspiring. Hope you feel better soon...
Artfest sounds like it was wonderful! And they work you showed is great, I love it. I do hope today brings you less sickness - and I have to say that Lily is ADORABLE!!
Tracy your work is really inspiring. I love the Carefully Guarded. I think it's really telling and I feel the same way alot. I think in many ways, we are 2 peas in a pod. Your charms are lovely-I am DYING to learn how to make some. I am so behind in these types of things! Glad you had a great time-sorry you are ill though. That bites!

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