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Apr 10, 2005


Chris Spurrell
Tracy - I love your website - I was pointed at yur article in Cloth Paper Scissors because I am interested in replicating the tintype process using transparencies. This is a mind blowing site - just sooo much stuff here... Thanks! I have one serious question - what kind of transparecny material do you use to create your transparencies? Is it regular cellulose acetate? Thanks Chris
Tracy, I love the art jewerly! I have no doubt you'll be able to bring in some extra cash selling those beauties! Best of luck with the budget! I am in the same boat at the moment, and I have been watching the pennies since Christmas. It's tough when there are so many great collage supplies and then people like you have to go ahead and tempt me with such great stuff for sale! :)
Whoops that post I made must be confusing. What I MEANT to say is I Can't shop on ebay since I don't do credit cards. They don't let you sign up without one which I think is sucky, but there it is! Anyway, if you posted them on your site, then I could shop too. Of course I am being totally selfish, but only in a good way...Supporting artist friends!
Oh, I hate being on a budget, I would not wish it on my worst enemy (not that I have one) - but good luck - feel free to email me and vent, I know how it feels at the moement! But... even though I AM on a very strict budget... The jewerly you made is beautiful and some may have to come into my world...
Hi Tracy, I totally understand the whole self imposed budget situation! I am doing that myself at the moment. My credit card has been "put away". I have to really think about what I am buying now--definitely not very much fun. But I hate owing the credit card company so much money! However, lucky you to be able to create such beautiful art (and the earrings and everything else you make are gorgeous!!), and you can make a living from it! Good luck!!
natalie Hansen
HI Tracy!!! I would love to be the first to buy a pair of those earrings....I LOOOOOOVE the top pair with the square drop!!! Please let me know.....Also thanks for the e-mail about Portland. I will let you know where we are staying as soon as I know. I am waiting for the tour company to tell me. I know how busy you are, but maybe we could get together. I AM SERIOUS about the earrings...LOVE THEM!!!! natalie
HI Tracy. I just want to lend you my support. I know you can do this. Take small steps and feel good about every little one you make. I am here to celebrate with you! Please post some for sale on your website. I don't do credit cards so I can shop on ebay (this is probably a good thing.) I would love to be able to buy too!
Those earrings are beautiful! :D
I love the earrings...they are so original. I don't think I have seen anything like them. You are very talented. I am sure that they will be snapped up very quickly.
Tracy, the earrings are beautiful. They will no doubt sell as quickly as you post them. Best of luck with the budget too. It's an on going battle for me as penny pinching isn't in my nature either, luckily it is in my husband's nature. I can attest, though, that it is possible and it can be done!

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