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Apr 29, 2005


Your daughter is adorable and talented...wonder where she got that? Paige Kaiser has given her a high-five in her blog, too. I love Kimber's monsters and how enterprising she is to list stuff on eBay!
The monsters are adorable and you must be so proud of your children. I love your collage work...will have to come back and see more of your work.
Those listings are great! I wish more ebay sellers but as much into it!!
Paige Keiser
Awww those monsters are adorable!!! What a talented gal Kimber is--and selling her work already too. Thanks for listing my sites. Love yours as well! Paige
GOod to hear your making progress with those darned colour books. I am sure there is going to be a party ot end all parties when you get the last one fired out the door. Kimber is doing great work! Tell her I am impressed!
Tulip, Casper & Octi is so cool, and the accidents they've been in are hysterical! She is a great artist too, your daughter!

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