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Jul 09, 2005


Tracy where ARE you??
Mary Elizabeth Meier
Hi Tracy, I am an elementary art teacher in PA. My students and I are just getting involved with ATCs. I heard your interview on HeartsArt and I would like to email you once or twice regarding your experience making and trading ATCs with kids. I am also interested in hearing your thoughts on publishing a kids deck. If you can find the time could you email me? ME Meier
Jennifer Barretto
Hi Tracy, I love all your work - you are an inspiration. This is why I would love to share your story of success in my new book about women artists and entrepreneurs. It is a sequel to my first book, published by Xlibris entitled - Once Upon a Time: Women Living their Creative Dream. The new book will again tell stories to inspire future artist to take the risk and try for their dreams. Some of the women commited to the project so far are Helga Strauss, Paula Montgomery, Susan Cherry of Cherry Designs, Kate Murray of Vintage Charmings, and Lisa Hammond of Femail Creations. If you are interested, please email me with contact information so I can send you the questionaire that I am using to help right the book and we can discuss this further. My phone number is (918) 245-5669 and I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for your time. Jen
Isn't it time for Mom to leave? I miss reading your blog. Ok, ok, me bad, but I do miss all your activities. You’re always working on something. Just miss you is all.
Joan Ellis
Tracy--Have to get in touch with you this way, as email to you keeps getting returned...I am one of the participants in yoor Art 4 a Cure deck...Wanted to get my new email address off to you ([email protected]) and tell you I want to purchase 4 card decks. Please let me know how much to remit and to where...And let me know ASAP if you get this...Thanks! Joan Ellis
I have two sets of relatives in town and am having my house painted! The place is a madhouse...and I never got around to having the carpets cleaned...who did you use? I can use some advice there.
It has been so long since I checked in with you...and we have family coming, too, so we are on a sympatico wavelength. I have you beat though...in the past month, we have reroofed the house, have had new gutters and gutter guards put on, and now the house exterior is being painted. Will they finish the painting and restaining of decks before the relations arrive? We shall see...
those are the very same important phone calls I need to be making! Enjoy your visit :).
So glad your feeling good about the visit! It will be so good to see her! LOVE this collage girl! :)Stacie

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