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Jul 08, 2005


Suzanne Brewer
I just read your latest entry and I can empathize with you. I suffer from chronic depression and I understand the slide into hell. Sometimes I don't understand how I got there, when I realize...Oh, I'm depressed. Time for a change in meds. I grew up in a severly disfunctional home - my mother has been married 7 times to a series of alcoholics (what is stability???) and she also suffers from "nerves" - my grandmother was institutionalized for most of my father's childhood. I'm at a point in my life where I have few friends left - some people just don't understand when you withdraw and don't come out...and they go away. Sometimes, it's just too much effort to try to act normal and carry on a conversation. And don't even think about keeping a "real" job! I'm on my 4th in 2 years!! I've never heard the term 'genetic' depression. But, I guess almost everything about us is genetic. I hope you find the right mix of meds and get better soon! God Bless! Suzanne
I second Stacie's comment! :) Oh and check your email-I emailed you something important.
Good to see you posting again. I miss reading your entries everyday (no pressure!) :)miss you! Stacie
Good to hear from you!!

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