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Oct 25, 2005


I have so much to catch up on with my commenting but I am glad you're back. I missed you! I just want you to know that I also suffer from depression and many of the things you've described about just having to ignore everything because you're so overwhelmed- I get that! I'm starting to think many artists are this way and it kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? Unlike you, I've yet to see a doctor but I've been wanting to see a therapist for some time now. I hope your sessions continue to go well. I hope you feel the love and support from your friends here in the art community because you are loved. {big hugs} PS- LOVE this art piece!
I have just read your blog after not doing so for several months. I am so sorry that you are suffering (but it sounds like you are finally getting the help that you need). I look at your website and marvel at what you have accomplished. From the outside looking in it all looks great! I should known better though because as I read through your entries today you could be a part of my family! We all have major depression problems amongst other things and when I read the part about your sister I thought ok I am not the only one! My family is so good at looking like we don't have any problems but oh, do we! When I read that you feel badly about not getting things done I thought isn't getting yourself back to normal so much more important than letting people down. Yes, most people hate to do that but don't you deserve to spend time on yourself first and foremost! People will get over it!Good luck in your search and let us all thank our lucky stars that therapists exist! They really help you make sense of things!
Oh Tracy!!! I was so excited to open your journal today, and see that you were writing in it again!! I had opened it several times in the last months, and came upon the old post each time. I got your e-mail a few weeks ago, and hope you received mine back. I so understand the feelings that you are going through, but have not been able to put them into words for myself. You know that any time you want, you can e-mail or call, when you want to talk. Luv ya, Natalie
Hang in there Tracy. You ARE fixable. Remember that you didn't get this way overnight so you can't fix it all overnight either. You have so many friends and people supporting you and we always will. Thank You for having the courage to share your story. You would be surprised at how many people you help. Including me. xo

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