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Oct 31, 2005


Oh, that bluebird is just SOOOO adorable- I love it!...yes...clutter my middle name too! (as I was trying to fix that from just my coffee table..pics in my blog) It's just one of those things andI almost feel it's just 'shifting' stuff from one pile to another..of course hopefully some things are shifted OUT of it all! Good luck and would welcome pictures of your progress! I will be looking at your favorite artists web-sites..I just love this type of art!
Lelainia (Faith)
*breathe* I love your display Tracy. I have been doing the same thing-carving out a small space for me to work in. I bought some little ikea drawer units and put my supplies in them. It has helped to create this new space, but I should have more art on display. It's kinda sad really to be an artist and not have much of other people's art in my collection. I must do something about that! :) Hang in there! All will be well!!

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