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Oct 13, 2005


Tracy - my cards are here. THEY & the Plastic box arrived in perfect condition! These cards are/were worth the wait!!! I am so glad and inspired to see all the gorgeous artwork! Congratulations on Mary Engelbreit! She is LUCKY to get you! :-D eirdre
So glad to see you back. I was hoping to see you at the Local 14 art show this month and was disappointed that you weren't there. I was hoping to really meet you. Anyway, welcome, welcome...
Tracy, I am so glad to see you posting- I have been checking in often. I had hoped that you were having just so much darn fun you couldn't find time to post. I hope that you are o.k. and I am sending good vibes your way. I am going to be teaching your image transfer class in Nov. so your ears will be burning :) I can't tell you how excited I was to get to take a class with you- it really was a dream come true for me. Be well- I'll be thinking of you- Tyn
Mary Engelbreit!! That is beyond awesome. Congratulations!!
Deb Trotter
Congrats, Tracy! Mary Engelbreit! How cool is THAT? I always wondered why they hadn't discovered you before! And...so glad to see you posting again. Don't know what your health problem is, but I do so hope that you will be better. There are so many of us who love you and your work! Hugs- Deb T

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