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Oct 27, 2005


it's amazing how so little can do so much, a little change in medicin and a talk with someone who helps you deal with the diffucult life - I love that! thanks for sharing this story of your past week, I'm so glad you finished the Atc's, that mag is amazingly cool! I'm so glad you sleep better too! good luck on doing little bits with no presure, I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!! XXX
Tracy!!! You are sounding so much better.:) I am so glad to hear you taking care of yourself and gaining some hope. You poor girl- you weren't doing any art??? For how creative you are, that is like not breathing. Hang in- we are all rooting for you- Tyn
Thank you for taking the time to write all of this out as you have done. You are helping others; be sure of that. People you cannot see or know about are supporting your full recovery in their prayers and hopes for you. Your talent is loved and appreciated. You are so powerful - so gifted. Love flows to you from many places. While the world may demand a lot from you, it also loves you unconditionally. No one is perfect. Thank you for your spirit. Never stop struggling toward the light. One friend among many, Judy
Sending hugs to you! People that haven't suffered from depression have no idea that sometimes just getting out of bed is a major accomplishment. I'm glad you're getting help. It sounds like you're doing a good job in taking care of yourself -- just keep following your Doctor's orders and don't beat yourself up! Hang in there and keep us posted!
Tracy: It may be a small step, but it's also a mile! How wonderful that you've found a great doctor...just having someone that clicks with you is a huge part of it. Keep up the good work and remember to do it for YOU! Sending hugs! D.
Tracy, you're doing great! Baby steps... I got a similar "assignment" today from my therapist. I am doing good, you are doing good. We are getting the help we need. Hang in there baby!! HUGS
barbara karr
Dear Tracy, I am so happy for you and so proud of you for taking these difficult first steps to getting you back on track...I know how hard it is (been there, done that right down to the restless legs, but not the ADD...and my children 25 and 23 have their problems as well (my son was dianosed with bipolar disorder in 2000 and my daughter has suffered a long time with depression, OCD and anxiety/panic disorder)...I am happy to say we are all doing very well at this time, but I know the dedication to recovery and the many small steps it takes to get to a good place...and it sounds like you are on your way!...please remember that small steps are still steps and you are going to reach the good place...sending hugs...Barbara
Wow, reading your journal (after not for several months) I am amazed at how much your are dealing with. I am also in my 40's, married and have kids and am dealing with similar things! Isn't it interesting how much we hate to disappoint other people (at work, at home, at school...wherever) but we actually just end up disappointing ourselves! My therapist had to give me the same type of permission...permission to do what I want not what others want me to do! It is SO hard but you feel so good when you actually do it. The world doesn't stop spinning and the people who want a piece of you just move on to the next person (thank God). I think we all understand that you hate to let people down but you owe yourself first and foremost. Good luck with everything and I really admire what you do artistically and what you are doing personally!
Lelainia (Faith)
Tracy, I am so proud of you for honouring yourself by doing what you needed to do this week to feel emotionally healthy. I think it is hugely wise of your doctor to ask you to clear the decks of everything and focus on ONE thing. It's about breaking the cycle of feeling overwhelmed. Baby steps. Didn't it just feel so good to have success doing ONE thing? That gives you the immediate emotional feedback that you need to take just one more little step forward. GOOD FOR YOU!! I am glad you have someone supporting you with the medicine and emotional changes that you can trust. I hear you having some hope again that things can be good. TOWANDA!!!

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