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Oct 11, 2005


Glad to see you back posting. We've missed you and waited anxiously for you to feel well enough to be back posting. Hugs!!
Tracy, I hope things are falling back into place for you. Please take care!
Tracy, It is wonderful to see you back on the keys...your in my thoughts and prayers. How about posting your snail mail address so we can send you our good wishes and fill up your mailbox with hugs and love! Tricia
Sending good energy your way.
barbara karr
I am praying that whatever is overwhelming you will be resolved...I know there are so many of us out here sending our prayers and good thoughts to you...hugs
Tracy, I've been by everday as well and I've missed you. HUGS and I'll be praying.
Deb Trotter
Tracy- I don't know what is wrong, but I'm so sorry. I have checked your blog every day since your last entry. When I saw you had posted, I was so glad. And now I worry for you. Please know that all of us who admire you so will keep you in our hearts and prayers. Deb

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