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Nov 15, 2005


I have heard of the book, in fact, my son and his new bride went through the book together during their engagement. I'm so happy to see and read your posts again tracy I hope you're feeling loved and encouraged and covered by a big blanket of grace.
Love love lOVE that book! The author has also done other versions, specifically for kids and maybe another... don't remember!
You've done it again, Tracy. I had to cut and paste the wonderful information you've shared with us. You made my day. Thank you. Judy PS The thing about the porch light? That's my hubby too. And when he works late in the garden I turn on the flood lights for him - that turns HIM on!
Thanks for this post Tracy, really interesting and woth thinking about - and working on. The language of love is so important, yet complicated and sometimes difficult to understand! Have to think about what my family needs after this. :-)
Lelainia (Faith)
Tracy, thank you for sharing htat. I find that really intriguing. I think I respond to act of service and gift giving. On SUnday I was in a hurry on my way to a get together with friends. I was pressed for time and I knew I had to stop and fill my gas tank. I got in and when I started the car, I discovered that my dh had filled it when he borrowed it the night before. That TOTALLY made my day. I called him on my cell to thank him, but I don't think he realized how much that touched my heart. Just that he would notice my car needed filling (He rarely drives my car) and cared enough to just take care of it. I get the same warm feeling when he cooks me brekki or make me tea or does the dishes. THere is nothing sexier than somoene looking after me, since I am so independant. I will have to find this book.

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