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Nov 13, 2005


Hey! You forgot that yummy Keanu Reeves when he is cleaned up! Sigh. Love your ATC's, and glad to see you blogging again. You still have not checked out sweet Flylady, have you? Tracy, she saved my life. She knows depression, she knows how it feels to hide under the covers. She knows. And we are a team 200,000 strong of sisters (and a few fellows )supporting each other. Give her a look.....just the testimonials help because you do not feel so alone or so out of control. Last time I say this, but at least look. Your art is beautiful! And I am one of those people who buy the tags on e-bay. A delight. Art in small packages. What could be more delicious?
Sandrine (alias Didine!)
Hello my dear ! I love your atcs ! So cute ! I'm in love also with your stamp XOX fairy so funny and cute one !!! And what about your last crochet work ? Is it finished ?? I wish I would be able to do such thing !! But first I need to learn how to begin my first stitch !!!! Tomorrow I'm going to watch for books to learn and buy some yarn ! I would like to send you my Christmas wishes, please, if you agree, send me your address by mail !!! Hugs. Take care !
Fun ATCs tracy.. I'd love to trade with you some time! It kills me to see people SELLING them on eBay :( HUGS
Tagged for 7 Things? Looks like fun! Do I just post them on my blog? Do I need to link the post? Thanks!

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