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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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Nov 23, 2005


deb trotter
Hey, sweetie! So wonderful to see your blogging like a wild woman! I love it! Thanks for your wonderful posts to my blog...they keep me happy and mean so much. All of us a thrilled that you are feeling better, and getting back into the art world where you SOOOOOO belong! hugs- Deb
Hey Tracy, I would have been wadding the paiting up too. If I am not getting something, I get frustrated fairly quickly sometimes, especially if I am tired. It's okay to not be good at EVERYTHING! I know what you mean about wating things off your plate. I am at that point right now with a book that has been challenge after challenge. I have expended more time, energy and $$ into it that I had ever planned to. *SIGH* Let's just keep plugging away, with breaks for rewards for working so hard and get those monkeys off our backs!!

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