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Nov 26, 2005


Hi Tracy, I hope you understand what a great impact you have made on the lives of other people, like me. Your art is your legacy and a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. hugs kj
The famous stories are way cool, and showes the power of the internet, right? And art of course! I've been in one or two stories my self, and it's really strange thing. Thanks for sharing your day - Hope you are well, take care!
Lelainia (Faith)
Hey Tracy, I've been in a bit of a funk myself the last few weeks-Xmas coming and grieving still I guess. Just keep Kleenex at the ready! As for what you said about worrying about getting stuff in the mail for Chris, I believe that miracles arrive right on schedual. Mircles know exactly the right moment to unfold, so I am sure that's why you were a bit delayed in your mailing. *wink* Congrats on the recognition factor. Isn't it nice to hear good things about yourself? Sometimes I struggle with it (I feel shy and do not want to be the center of attention) however it is nice to realize people value what you do and just want to let you know. YAY you!!
Hey Tracy, I can totally relate to having seasons of weepiness. Tears are good, they're healing, you know, washing the soul etc. etc. btw, I have a friend living in Halifax Nova Scotia working at a Ten Thousand Villages.

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