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Nov 04, 2005


Hey Tracy! I replied to the comment you left me on my blog but the reply addressed it to typepad@typepad.com so I'm not sure if it went to you. Can you let me know if you didn't get it? Thanks! Hugs! Cosy
Glad to see you are getting back on track Sweetie!! Keep at it! hugs Marie
Hallo! I hope you'll enjoy Studio Friday, as and when you feel like it. : ) And I wish you plenty of just-because-you-want-to playtime moments. xxx
Thank you for sharing -- you are a brave soul to jump in on Secrets day! We're a friendly bunch, and it's great to see new faces... And thanks for the book ideas on your blog. I'm always looking for good recommendations~! xoxox LainE
hey welcome to the studio! it is a very happy place to hang out at. i have been on your site numerous times over the year and i love your stuff!
It looks like you had a lot of fun making this. Keep making art just for yourself!
P.S.: I can't decipher Doris' last name...:-/
Bea the Mouse
Doing art for yourself will be so good for you! I think it will help you with what you are going through! So make it a priority in your life, when you feel that you need it. And only show when you want to. Hang in there! I have my own problems with depression, so I know it´s tough. But it will get better again. Don´t be so hard on yourself. You can take your own pace with recovery. If people don´t understand, don´t take it personaly. Wishing you the best!
Hi Tracy! Welcome to 'Studio Friday'!! :-) This is sooo beautiful and so TRUE! Some days I put my blinders on and on other days I do peek though because I'm curious, hahah! I won't tell! Your secret is safe with me! :-) What an inspiration you are!
Lovely piece.. good for you Tracy. Hugs

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