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Dec 24, 2005


What a great accomplishment. Lucky for Dignity Village.
coming out of lurkdom to say how much I am enjoying your pics of Christmas spirit & giving. Thanks so much for sharing them- kinda just warms your heart, ya know?
Cinda  O
What a Great way to share the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!!! I'm sooo proud of You Miss Tracy and I'm so GLAD your hubby and Katy went with you! Happy New Year!!!(on a personal note, that was hubby and my 32 wedding aniversary!!Wooo Hooo! Dec. 23!)xoxoooooooxo, Cinda
Tracy! you're so funny: you complain about being so disorganized then proceeds to explain how you organized free meals for 60 homeless people. maybe you should rethink your expectations. hope you had a merry xmas. xo Leslie
Tracy, thank you for sharing this sroty! GOOD for you! and Katy! You shoudl be so proud of yourselves and feel very good. Happy Christmas my friend. I look forward to seeing more pictures from this project, your link doesn't seem to be working yet.
Tracy, this is AWESOME!! What a big heart you have, to be thinking AND DOING for others when you have been struggling so hard with your own issues and concerns. You are showing everybody the true meaning and spirit of Christmas and all of the different holidays that we may celebrate, in a very personal way that is making a difference. You are providing an example for all of us to follow. XOXO Melissa

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