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Dec 09, 2005


hi sweet girl, i've missed you! sorry i haven't commented in a while and never emailed you back (man what a flake). just wanted to let you know that i think about you and hope you're well! (and not sick like me..bleh) talk to you soon i hope! hugs, joleen ps- can you email me your mailing address?
Cinda Rae Oliverio
What a DELIGHT! to seeeeee Garnet on your Journal! Goodness Gracious dear girl Tracy! Thank You! for clearing that up for all the other artists to see and like I said I have no ill feelings toward you at all! Life is not perfect as everyone knows! I should have placed Garnet towards the left more! I want to Thank You! for including me in such a meaningful endeavor and my Grandma Garnet a place in Art4ACure History! and Denise, your card is beautiful! They all are! I am truly blessed to be in such a group of talented artists!Thank You! Tracy, You are in my prayers forever! and I'm so happy to see your posts like others are because we miss you when you don't! Love to love you Miss Tracy! xoxoxoxo, Cinda

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