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Dec 28, 2005


Sandrine (alias Didine!)
Hello Tracy ! It's been so long without your news ! I hope you' re okay !! smooches
Hey Tracy how are you doing? I am thinking about you!! xox
Where are you girl? Haven't heard from you in a while... I hope you're doing ok! xoxo Stac
yep, been kind of a sucky day all around, LOL. Must be some crazy cosmic thing or something- well, i'm definitely ready for it to go away & get on with 2006!
Hugs! ♥
Deb Trotter
Tracy- What IS it, woman? I am the same way! But then I look at some of our artist friends and realize we are actually pretty lucky. So good to see you blogging more - we all love it, you know. Keep fightin' that ole depression...you can beat it - it just likes to get a laugh on us every now and then. Hugs- Deb
dropped in on your journal and found it had a heartfelt honesty as well as strong aesthetic pulls for me. Keep creating... special soul.
Tracy! I'm thinking of you!!!! Happy New Year!!!
Julie Madsen
Dear Tracy: You and I sat next to each other at Sally Jean's Shrine On class at First Impressions last spring and I went to lunch with you and Nikki and the girls. I'm the woman who lives in Ashland. I've been visiting you occasionally on your site and have always felt too hurried to post and say hi. Your site and blog have given me lots of creative juice since last Spring and I've just sort of recently caught up on your struggles with ADD. Just wanted you to know I'm here in spirit sending love and support and freedom from struggle that every inspiring, vibrant, beautiful artist/mom/wife/woman deserves. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth of your life. It gives me courage and strength to do the same. Thanks for living large and inspiring me! Julie Madsen
Not only is it the weather but I think it's also the season. This Christmas I was made aware of so many lonely/depressed/sad people, my heart felt so heavy. If you're intuitive or a burden bearer in any way you'll pick up on it and hopefully can hand over your burdens to someone who's alot bigger to carry them. Peace, hope, joy and love to you sweetie.
Brandi Powell
Tracy, I dont know about you but I think its the weather! It is just dreary here in the midwest. I have been off all week and didnt get hardly any art dont, slept a ton! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon! Your jewelry below is FABULOUS! Beautiful! Brandi

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