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Jan 28, 2006


Tracy, your jewelry is so yummy!!!
Okay, I do see that you can't see my clutter! The truth is, #1, before I took each picture, I'd grab the crap and either throw it behind the couch or anywhere out of the line of camera vision...also, once I finished with the photos, I loaded them to my computer and cropped out much of the mess....ooooh, the joys of photoshop! oxoxoxo
Thanks for your sharing your house-very pretty decor!...you said excuse the clutter?..er, what clutter? Very neat and cozy!!
Deb Trotter
Yowie, Tracy. Nice colors! Your house is gonna be so cool when you are done. Hope you and diane have a swell time...I am soooooooo jealous! I do so admire her work...the 2 of you together outta effuse fantastic chemistry and creative energy! Deb

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