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Mar 06, 2006


Oooh love the logo!!! I miss your collage sheets -- but totally understand the need to simplify :)
Tracy, The logo looks great!! Thanks for explaining the collage sheet situation. I have been waiting for those to be up for sale again,and wondering. Now I understand and totally respect your need to get out of that! Life is too short to do things that make you nuts. hugs- Tyn
OH... I had THE BEST time too!!! The minute you left I missed u!!! OH.. I wish we lived closer! :)love u!
Oh Tracy...I have just been going through my bookmarks and am so happy to have 'found' you again. You inspire me with so many of your entries. So, are there any local art shows you might be involved in?
Your collage sheets are beautiful. I can't wait 'til they are available in alphastamps! Leslie is so nice too (I ordered some sheets after reading about her in you blog several months ago)! You are so right to emphasize your strengths! I think a lot of women (myself included) have the same problem! Dwell on what we can't instead of what we can!
Your LOGO is just lovely! ;-) Also, thank you for linking me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. ---XOX---
Miz Carla
Yay!! Good for you on all counts Miz Tracy. I'm so proud of you! The logo is perfect btw ;) big love, C
I love the logo tracy!
Tracy, I think the logo is great! Your trip to visit your friends sounds like it was wonderful, just what the doctor ordered.
Brandi Powell
So glad to hear you had such a great time with Stacie. I know what you mean about identifying your weaknesses. Some things are just not as fun as others anyway. I would much rather be making art than working for sure! Anyway, hope all that ucky stuff works out for you! Brandi
Deb Trotter
Tracy! First, the Logo is precious and just screams Tracy Roos! Love it! Secondly, good for you! As busy as you are, and as creative as you are, I hate to see you bogged down in printing out collage sheets, no matter how wonderful they may be. The stamp line, in my opinion, is a much better idea! You go, girl! They will be a hit, and you won't have to worry about them. Cool, huh? THAT'S the way to DO it, my friend. Glad you had fun with Stacie & that you have finally recuperated after getting things settled in back at home. (Sometimes I almost wonder if it is worth being away, when I see what I have to come home to....BUT...it still doesn't stop me!) Keep on truckin'! Deb
Tracy, I LOVE the logo!! You are such a great designer. And thank you for the wise tip on playing to our strengths instead of trying to fit into those square holes. How right that is; I am going to run off and do a journal entry on that and see how I can apply it to my situation! Hugs, Judy

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