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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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Mar 22, 2006


cMiz Carla
Aaahhh what a cutie you are!! If you need help prying the albums from sis' greedy little paws let me know :D lol!!! ttys xoxs C
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU-OO!! Now blow out all those candles and go eat some cake! XOXO Melissa (the original one)
You both look so sweet!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and do something FUN FUN FUN!!!! :)Stacie
Deb Trotter
Tracy- I see the smile on that sweet little tow-headed girl is still the same. Press on for those family photos. Right now I am the only one in our family who seems to care about that sort of thing, so I have been lucky. I still haven't captured all the ones I wanted, but I'll get to them. There's nothing better. Deb

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