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Apr 13, 2006


HI TRACEY!!!! I so wanted to talk to you before you left, cuz I was just in Maui (at the Sheraton)two weeks ago!!!! If you want an inexpensive place to eat (very hard to come by) go the the Aloha mixed plate, or Maui mixed plate (one of those) it is on Front street right next to the old Lahaina Luau grounds. Very casual setting, but pretty at sunset!!! Also, we did the ZIP LINE up near Kula toward Haleakula, and it was a BLAST!!!!!! ALOHA GIRL!!! ANd I can be your travel agent next time!!!! You would be my favorite client!!!! LUV NATALIE
I haven't been keeping up - you're in Hawaii?? How gorgeous! Take more photos! By the way, I love to read Vanity Fair on vacation, but never seem to care for it much at home - why is that?
Dawn Sokol
Tracy: I assume you have internet...check this link: http://www.guidetobeadwork.com/localstores/states/HI.str.html There are bead stores there! Have fun!!!! :)
I didn't realize you were going so SOON! Have a GREAT time. xox
So happy to see you're having such a wonderful time! My hubby wants to do a vacation to Hawaii sometime in the near future...looks like paradise from your pics. (((hugs)))~Paulette
knit and purl grrl
Okay, this looks exactly like the Grand Wailea. Is that where you are??? xoxox L
Andra Hepler
ok...i did you proud shopping at target this morning. (you know how that goes...go in for toothpaste and come out with new bedsheets) so i expect you to find all the good artsy stores and help the hawiaans economy! smiles! andra
(squeal) You are there! I thought you were leaving next Monday. Oh, I know you are having such a great time. I am so happy you are basking in the warm heat and having a really pampered vacation. Have an extra Margarita for all of us back in soggy PDX who are thinking about you and living vicariously.

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