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Apr 03, 2006


So cool! I love your bracelet! Especially since my name is on it. LOL!
Hi Tracy! It was so very nice to finally meet you! I wish we had more time so I could have spent more time with you! Your bracelet looks awesome! I love my little charm! Thank you!!!
I love those charm bracelets! I kept seeing ones some were wearing! Oh, to be able to go to ALL the classes! It was a wonderful time. Kim
how could it be cuter in person...it is so wonderful! I want to do Artfest next year, too...
cMiz Carla
oooohhh pretty!! Glad you had fun and glad you are home--missed ya!
now, why does this bracelet look JUST like you to me? Because you made it, I'm sure! I love this! Deb
Wow, Tracy, your bracelet turned out good! How cool. I am just exhausted with head still twirling over all the wonderful people and new skills and materials and tools and friends and although this was only my 2nd year at Artfest it was the best one so far for me too. It is a place like no other - it just opened up my heart and I feel changed by it. Anyway, good on you for being able to post so quickly. I am just shot; hardly have the energy to put all my trades away and write about my new friends and print so many photos for my journal and and ... I am looking forward to our coming studio visits. Thank you for being an ongoing inspiration !! xxxxoooooxxxxoooo
Oh I can not wait to hear all about it!
Love this bracelet! I'm so glad you had a great time. I can't wait to hear more! xo
hi tracy!! it was so fun to meet you! smiles, andra
OOOO!! YOu got to do some way cool techniques! I want to know those ones!! I will post a pic of mine later! I like the framey thing!! GLad you are home safe and sound!! xoxo

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